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RPN(Reverse Polish Notation) calculator

Javascript RPN Scientific Calculator

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Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) calculator is a mathematical tool that utilizes a postfix notation, also known as postfix notation or Polish postfix notation. In RPN, the operators come after their operands.

This means that instead of using traditional infix notation where operators are placed between their operands (e.g., 3 + 4), RPN places the operators after their operands (e.g., 3 4 +). The advantage of RPN is that it eliminates the need for parentheses and the order of operations is determined solely by the position of the operators.

RPN calculators are often used in computer science, engineering, and mathematics. Users input numbers and operations in a specific order, and the calculator processes the input to provide the result.

Using an RPN calculator requires a different approach than traditional calculators, but it can be more efficient for certain types of calculations.

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