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Prime Number Calculator

Prime Number Checker

A Prime Number Checker Tool is a program or utility that allows users to determine whether a given number is a prime number or not. A prime number is a natural number greater than 1 that is not a product of two smaller natural numbers other than 1 and itself. In other words, a prime number has only two distinct positive divisors: 1 and the number itself. Here are the basic features and functionality of a Prime Number Checker Tool:

User Input:

Users input a number into the tool to check whether it is prime or not.


The tool typically validates the user input to ensure it is a positive integer greater than 1 since 1 is not considered a prime number.


The tool then performs calculations to determine if the input number is divisible by any integer other than 1 and itself.

Result Display:

The tool displays the result, indicating whether the input number is a prime number or not.

Optional Features:

Some Prime Number Checker Tools may include additional features such as finding the next prime number, listing prime numbers within a range, or providing additional information about prime numbers.

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